Easy solution to get garden flowers seeds and pots


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Full-cycle design and iOS development for a user-friendly, simplified productivity app.


Design elements of the logo, such as the color red, contribute to a feeling of energy, speed, and power. The leading U of the brand name is jumping into action, while the upward slant of the logo brings a sense of forward movement

The logotype forms a union of vintage and modern style typefaces

Typography & Colors

Brand fonts were chosen with an eye to readability and classic elegance. The typefaces complement each other while providing a lively contrast that signals a clear visual hierarchy.

Design & Layout

Simple animated tools help the user interact with the to-do list for core functions such as deletes, updates, and edits. A lack of distracting bells and whistles keeps the user focused, and makes the interface intuitive and easy to navigate. On-screen stats provide immediate feedback about completion and progress, while the clean typography and minimalist design make Upper easy to use on any device.

Home Screen

The home screen lets a user to explore different flower types, based upon personal preferences.

Gardening Services

The app has the functionality to let users book gardening services as well based upon their location.


The app has a video section that shows tutorials and demo videos on gardening and more.


The users get a detailed summary of their orders and payments made to buy a service or product.

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