Mobile app development

Lean Approach . Amazing Apps.

What would an ideal mobile app development be like?

What goes behind making apps like: Talabaat, Carriage, Careem, Instagram? What makes them engaging and robust? Don’t worry, we are here to give you the master recipe of a perfect mobile app.

Top applications go the Native way and we do the same

Native App development

Native app development where every mobile application is coded specifically for its mobile operating system. This makes your application do things which thousands of apps can’t do. Yes, that’s why they fail at speed, smooth animations and interactions.

Android app development

We use android studio with Core Java, the programming language.

iOS app development

We use Xcode with Swift (No Objective-C). And thus, your app would work on every new apple device.

Programming languages are not alien’s play!

Your ideas deserve the best and most suited programming environment to matchup the standards of top apps out there

We always go an extra mile to ensure a powerful and robust mobile app.

Extra digital security

We enable SSL security to your domain, password protection via encryption, app version control at the server level, User granted permissions to restrict access to system features user data, Login authentication using Oauth/Tokenization

Widest app compatibility

We make sure that your app is compatible to widest range of mobile devices on different versions of operating systems and resolutions. We cater to 95% of mobile devices to any given point while rolling out your app, giving your app the most audience available

Robust QA practices

We make sure your app goes through quality assurance on every corner case or scenario. we implement automated bug/issue tracking tools to get the real time notification on issues in the app so we can fix them immediately. We test your app on more than 20+ mobile devices with different resolutions and operating system, to detect and monitor the behaviour

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